Dinner Menu

Seating at the Yakitori Bar, you watch skewers being grilled and empty premium sake bottle.

In private room, you have an Omakase course for a special occasion.

At table, you can enjoy casual dinner with your friends or family.

How would you like to spend a night at Soba Totto?   We are delighted to serve you!

カウンターでは 焼き鳥を横目に地酒を傾け

個室では 特別な夜を祝うおまかせコースを食する

テーブルでは 気の置けない友人や愛する人、家族との夕食団欒を楽しむ

今夜 蕎麦鳥人では どんな時間を過ごされますか?

今宵も 皆様のお越しを 心よりお待ち申し上げ


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our new dinner menu is here!